B3ATGRID is set to make his mark in the South African dance scene. From starting out in his room, practicing hours each day and learning the art of mixing, to featuring at some of South Africa’s finest night clubs alongside some of the top dogs in the industry, inlcluding 1 international Dual Channels (Brazil). Nic (B3ATGRID) always brings a fresh approach to each gig he plays at, whether it’s your dark room clubs that call for the sounds of the underground, or maybe it could even be that lazy Sunday which begs for the melodic sound that keeps you grooving throughout the day.

“Before I got into the club scene, I did a lot of private functions with my own gear I saved up for, I started doing this in 2011 up until 2016, from then on I started playing live in clubs. I am glad I did the private functions before clubs as I gained great value and knowledge learning what different age groups like/dislike, this helped me entertain crowds at clubs and got me a following. I picked up more and more tips along the way, such as keeping your track quality to a high standard and mixing in key. This really changed how I play, my sets now have a great flow throughout.’’

Nic now found himself making many relationships in the industry and achieved residencies too. B3ATGRID has featured at 2 outdoor festivals (Wits Vodka Party 2018 and Molly Malone St Patricks Street Party 2019) Other than being based in Johannesburg, he has also played in Pretoria as well as the North West (Sun City) His first residency was at News Cafe. Shortly after that, he became a resident at Spiced Productions.

“Spiced Productions was a great platform to be apart of, often I was put on lineups alongside artists such as Kyle Watson, Vimo, Chunda Munki, Kyle Cassim, Chrizz Beatz (just to name a few) One of the gigs I played was at Randlords, this night I opened for Kyle Cassim and I remember Kyle came up to me and said how great my set was, shortly after this I got the opportunity to feature a guest mix on his show on the 5FM ultimix.”


B3ATGRID is now currently a resident DJ on Vow FM and at JYNX Nightclub. “Music is how I express myself to the world, there is nothing more rewarding than having others feel those emotions and high energetic moments. I always strive to make sure each set I do tells a story. It is these special moments that keep me doing what I do. My goal is to keep progressing onto bigger platforms so I can share my story to many more others.”