The Bubble




A breath-taking visual and musical performance guaranteed to make a memorable impression at events.

1. Cello in The Bubble (Cellosphere)
2. Sax in The Bubble
3. Violin in The Sphere
4. Harp in The Bubble
5. DJ in The Bubble

The Bubble is a collaborative effort between two music agencies and a professional architect. Internationally acclaimed harpist, Shelley Frost of The Fridge Dubai, devised this original idea.

The concept was further researched & developed by architect Alastair Thorns, resulting in a clear, glass-like luminescent sphere which bathes the performer in light.

The Bubble has subsequently become a sensation at events worldwide.

The musicians featured in The Bubble display exceptional repertoire, talent and experience, and are strikingly presented in designer gowns.

The Bubble is suitable for events from small corporate functions to large conventions and exhibitions. It is quick to setup and strike.